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Intensive Out Patient,   Out Patient,             and Residential

Our Programs are client centered: they are designed with the client"s needs and interests in mind. The structure of a client's program is based on assessments and evaluations that determine how to best approach their remission process.


Some clients may not be able to take time from work or may have travel issues. We take these things into consideration when designing a client's program. Call and schedule your free consultation.

      Virtu Services       & The ARMOR   Program:                          Affirmation Ritualization Modulation Observation  Recognition

Addiction Remission Model Of Recovery

Although we work with all addiction disorders, we specialize in heroin use disorders and other opioid use disorders, such as prescription pain killers and fentanyl. Our protocol may or may not include medically assisted treatment depending on a client's profile. Medical assistance may be in the form of a prescription for Vivitrol, Medical Marijuana, Buprenorphine/Naloxone, Methadone or any other medication that may assist the remission process. Discuss your options during a free consultation. 

“The ARMOR Program literally saved my life. I would have died from a heroin overdose if it weren’t for this program.” (Hannah)

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